Making the Difference You Want To Make



a one year correspondence course in personal transformation
by Ron Smothermon, M.D. & Keith Mascarenhas

presented by: Keith Mascarenhas

© 1990 – 2005


To empower you to make the difference you were born to make.


Every human being has a destiny. Each person knows that he or she is supposed to make a certain kind of difference in living. Few people know exactly what that difference is. Fewer still are making that difference.

It is possible to discover and fulfill the difference you were born to make, and it is not given that you will. This course is intended to be an introduction to that difference. Upon completion of this course, you will be in the process of, and not finished with, making that difference. This course is a beginning, not an end.


As a result of your interaction with this course, you will be in possession of habits which will automatically continue to create a clear space in life. In this clear space, your real work will show up along with results worthy of who you are.


The reality on which this course stands is that what is needed is not more, but less. What stands in the way of making the difference you were born to make is clutter. This clutter occupies the space in which you could make your difference. As long as clutter is present, you will not make that difference.

Clutter comes as an unconscious physical environment, poorly managed money, unconsciousness in relationship to time management, failure to acknowledge, unexpressed emotions, unkept or partially kept agreements, undelivered communications, less than perfect health with or without actual abuse of the body, unclear personal and intimate relationships, uncompleted projects, and poor goal setting habits.

What is needed is a clear space in which to live and work and the habits which will keep that space clear. When the space is clear, making the difference you were born to make will be natural and completely without effort. In fact, it will be great fun!


We will deal with the clutter in an organized, systematic manner over one year of time. At the end of this year, the clutter will be cleaned up, and you will exist in a sparkling clean space in relationship to your physical environment, money, time management, acknowledgments, emotions, promises, communications, health, relationships, goal setting and project completion. You will also have developed habits which will keep this space clear. It is in this large, clear space that you will discover the difference you can make in life and in which you will actually make that difference. Each week, you will receive a packet of information. This will consist of data to wake you up about the presence of a certain kind of clutter, specific instructions to carry out during this seven day period, and a completion form to fill out and mail back to me. We will speak by telephone every two weeks, or more often if necessary. The purpose of these communications is to handle areas of opaqueness or resistance.

(If you are inclined to teach others, I invite you to teach this course with my support after you have completed it.)


The Physical Environment

To express all your creativity it is necessary to exist in a conscious physical environment. A conscious physical environment is one in which everything is clean, each item has its proper location, and you know the locations of each item. When the maintenance of such a physical environment is an effortless habit then you can say that you live in a conscious physical environment. This alone will produce amazing results. Part of the physical environment is the presentation of your own body, your grooming, and the clothes you put on your body: your presentation.


A conscious space in relationship to money means that you pay your bills on time, that you have no out-integrity about money with anyone, that you earn more than you spend and spend less than you make, and that the money you spend makes a difference. When there is a clear space in which money exists in your life, much more of it will show up. “Making” more money doesn’t work. Making more space for money to appear does work. At the level of money, this course is an investment which will yield many times the invested amount.

Time Management

Managing your time properly is critically important. Without enough time, you cannot do anything meaningful, and unless you manage your time effectively, you will not have enough of it. You should be able to look at a well organized schedule book and tell me where you will be next week at this time and what your activities will be between now and then. You should have at your fingertips any and all phone numbers or addresses you may need. Each day you should be clear when you get up in the morning what your achievements for the day will be.


There are people in your life who love you and serve you who you take completely for granted. By failing to acknowledge those people, you put their loyalty to the test. Failures to acknowledge might as well be large, unwanted physical objects in your home. They are always between you and the difference you would otherwise make. A conscious space in relationship to acknowledgment means that you wake up and notice who those people are and make sure they know that you know and appreciate the contribution they make to your life.


A clear space for emotional release ceases to exist when you successfully conceal from yourself the way you feel about life. When you become unconscious of your emotional life, you become hard-hearted and lose compassion for other people. The clutter in the space is your unexpressed emotions. In this course, you will create time and structure for expressing how you feel. The objective is to create habits which will allow you to empty yourself of emotions on a regular basis so that emotions do not jam your space.


All the agreements you ever made, failed to keep, and failed to renegotiate constitute serious clutter in the space where you could be making a difference. Identifying these agreements is the difficult part, for these tend to be hidden from your memory. Once they are discovered, they must be completed by communication, fulfillment, or renegotiation in order to clear the space.

Undelivered Communications

Many things need to be said which are never said. These kinds of items lie around like dead horses in the space in which you could make a difference. There is a conspiracy to never talk about these dead horses. Discovery of these items is also difficult as they tend to be hidden from your awareness.


Understanding of your cardiovascular system and your digestive system is critically important to maintaining optimal health. You must give up all addictions such as nicotine, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, fat. Use of non-prescription drugs during the course is not allowed. All of our highs will be natural and they will be very high! If you are leading a sedentary life, that is over. Regular exercise is a must. Your weight will become optimal for your body build. A clean diet low in fat and moderate in calories is essential. Depending on your age and the condition of your digestive system, it may be necessary to add digestive aids and utilize periodic juice fasting and colon cleansing. The degree to which many people are toxic from their own digestive systems is one of the best kept secrets in medicine. No one wants to confront cleaning up that situation. If you are one of these people, and if you are over 20 years old you almost certainly are one of these people, you will learn how easy it is to correct this problem. Until this is corrected, the foods you eat are clean and pure, and until you exercise regularly, you are living in a polluted chemical soup. There is no way to make the difference you can make while living in a jammed chemical environment.

Clarity in Personal Relationships

Each person in your life is someone with whom you are in relationship. Each of those people have a purpose for being there. It makes a difference that both people in any relationship are clear about the purpose of that relationship. It is also important that the other person share in this clarity of purpose. You will have some pointed questions to ask yourself and probably the people with whom you are in personal relationship. You will then live your life appropriate to the answers. This will be the end of confusion in relationship.

Clarity in Intimate Relationship

Clarity in intimacy is a function of telling the truth. Telling the truth clears the space. Remaining silent when it is time to tell the truth jams the space with passive lies. This will be the most uncomfortable part of the course for many people. If you are accustomed to lying, actively or passively, this section of the course will produce amazing results. In The Man Woman Training,, I promise people two things: acceleration and disorientation. As the disorientation clears a crisp, clear new reality sets in. I promise you this as well.

Goal Setting

It is important to know where you are going. If you don’t know where you are going, you will not know when you get there, nor will you have the pleasure of knowing that you set a target and achieved it. Also, when you fail, you will not be clear that you failed, and therefore you will lose a lot of valuable information you could use to correct your course for the future. Only when goal setting is a habit as automatic and permanent as brushing your teeth can you say that your space is not jammed with unclear goals.

Project Completion

Any task you take on is a project, from washing the dishes to mounting a campaign to end war and hunger. Until you complete every project you begin, those projects lie around in your space piled so high you cannot see what your life is all about. New projects are difficult to conceive and even more difficult to execute with a space full of uncompleted projects. You will gain the habit of project completion in this course so that completion of all projects, minor and major, is automatic and full of satisfaction.

Yea, yea, Ron, but when are you going to tell me how I can make a difference? Exactly what am I going to do to make a difference?

I am not going to tell you. Life will tell you. Life has been trying to tell you all along, and there has been too much clutter in your space for life to have any possibility to fully communicate with you. When you clear out the clutter, the job life has for you will show up without effort on your part. When your job shows up, your proper task for each day will be plain to you. As you complete each job, maintaining a clear space, you will get a larger and larger job. There is no limit on the size to which this job can grow, so watch out!


You could reasonably say “Well Ron, there is nothing new in this course. I already knew all that.” Yes, perhaps you did, for all the good it ever did you. The fact that you knew all that and still have not taken action is good enough reason to enroll. But will you?

On the other hand, this course is not for everyone. Life has either brought you to the point of appreciating the value and importance of creating a superbly clear space in which you can fulfill your destiny, or it hasn’t. If it hasn’t, you will not be able to endure this course, and you will either suffer through it or quit.

It is in relationship to others that you can transform your life. Knowledge is a small part of the formula. Knowledge without relationship is meaningless. What this course offers you is relationship with a committed person of experience in the issues of living a clear life. This person is committed to your life working as well as it can and to you making as much difference as you can.

You may say “Well, thanks Ron, but I can get a free relationship with someone to get this job done.” Maybe you can, but for a year? And committed above all else to your well-being? Even if you can, will you? If you haven’t so far, it is not likely that you will. How long have you known that you must clean up your life completely if you want to fulfill your destiny? Probably a long time. Your relationship with me will empower you to get that job done. It is that simple. It is important that the person with whom you have this kind of relationship be as committed as you are to completion. I am, and Keith, who will be coaching you in this course, certainly is.

Only those people who are deeply committed to completion should begin this project. If you question your commitment, all else being equal, you should not enroll.

If you are committed, this is an opportunity you should not pass by. It is an opportunity to completely reorder the possibilities of living on the Earth and for expressing who you are.


When evaluating a course, it is legitimate to want to know about the experience of other people. I reproduce below a few comments from the first group of people to take my correspondence courses. I cannot give you all the comments for lack of space, however I can tell you that they were all enthusiastically positive and that the following comments are representative.

“I have taken a multitude of personal growth courses and trainings. With this course, I was able to stay home and work on all the issues for 50 weeks, five days a week, an hour or so per day. Ron is a faithful friend, supportive and gently confronting. His material is outstanding and provocative.”

Jim McGettigen, Marlton, New Jersey, U. S. A.
“As a result of this course, I feel calm inside and I see people and life in a different light. I am more understanding, friendly, and I have more compassion for other people.”

Beate Gerstner, Grettstadt, Germany
“This course has helped me to significantly shift my attitudes and habits in several important areas of my life including my physical environment, aerobic fitness, nutrition, and clarity in personal relationships. Although the course has been a big commitment over a year, it has been very worthwhile. I feel that it has contributed to my life in a big way, and the discipline of doing some work of this nature every week is very productive.”

Steve Fawkes, Glasgow, Scotland
“This course provided me with what I needed to do the things I knew I should do but never did. It aided me in moving my life in directions I never even knew existed before. I feel that I could not have afforded not to take this course.”

Annette Bossert, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
“I am healthier, more creative, have a greater capacity for work; I have improved all my relationships; my physical environment is greatly improved, and I have acquired habits to maintain these gains. I have increased empathy and compassion for others. I am more efficient!”

Robert Coca, Albuquerque, New Mexico, U. S. A.

THE COST (expressed in Euros)

The cost of this course is €65 per week for 50 weeks plus a €650 enrollment fee. The enrollment fee covers the evaluation and start up costs. For you, this is your stake, at the financial level, to fulfill your agreement to complete this course. Fees are not refundable, unless you complete the course and do not achieve value from it, in which case all of your money (minus the acutal expenses) is refundable.

Every two weeks you will call Keith for the scheduled coaching session. This call is your responsibility.

You should consider this money an investment which will return to you many times over as a result of completing this course.

To find out more about the course or to enroll, please click on the this link: THE AGREEMENTS AND THE QUESTIONNAIRE. (This works best using Internet Explorer.)

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